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Agiking Industries Limited, a pioneer in the fields of human capital development, products manufacturing and distribution, Human resource management & development and real estate.

Here we provide necessary solutions that will create a sustainable future for Nigerians and the world; our strategies are built on innovative solutions geared towards improving the values for our customers and society through health, nutrition, education, culture and economic development.

A career with Agiking Industries Limited means you can always transform your ideas into realities. 




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Product Manufacturing & Distribution

Through our advanced research team and international partners, we are continuously identifying consumer needs; bridging the gap between needs and demand. we manufacture and distribute different revolutionary products under our brand portfolio. Our Products are in the varieties of drugs, food, medical devices,sanitary etc.

Human Resource Management & Development

We are committed to the training and retraining of prospective employees with relevant skills and competences whom may lack the necessary resources to undergo such developments so as to have on-board a skilled, committed and engaged workforce.

Human Capital Development

Through financial aids and technological supports, as an aspect of our social responsibility, we develop the human capital factor in Nigeria. Young Minds with vision can realize their dreams whilst contributing to the society.

Real Estate

“Innovation and technological advancement is a key factor to development”. We at Agiking Industries Limited are redefining the real estate industry, we acquire and develop our communities without destroying its cultural values. We are also in the business of property rehabilitation and management.

Our Brand


Meaning of cosset


Our Logo

IMG-20170729-WA0000Our Logo is a beautifully curved letter ‘c’ and a heart in the middle; the letter ‘c’ signifies beauty and care while the heart signifies love and protection.

Our Slogan


Our Products

Cosset brand is dedicated to providing varieties of products that would improve upon the protection and overall quality of life; absent of all harmful toxins.

Our Product Packaging

Our product packaging are designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and minds, our colors are carefully chosen to have positive emotional and psychological effect on you.

Cosset Brand


Cosset is a health and beauty brand engineered by advanced professionals keen on upholding its motto “we care… we love… we protect…” in the highest of ethics and standards which is displayed by the quality of our products. Our products are extensively researched and maintain only standard production materials ensuring total product safety, quality and reception.

Latest News about our Industry

Cosset Brand set to launch new product this year

Our cosset brand is set to launch its new revolutionary product before the last quarter of the year. more detail soon.

Agiking: we are set to register new brand

Our company is planning to add a new brand to its portfolio for foods.