About us

About Us

We are pioneers in innovative solutions through a diversified collection of services. We are registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria on May 15, 2015, RC 1260040. Our head office is currently located in Rivers State, Nigeria.

Agiking Industries Limited has 4 years of working experience and a highly qualified management system bounded by a professional and innovative business operating principles, quality products and services, cooperation, dedication and responsibility in our executions to all our clients and partners in pursuit of customer satisfaction and the building of a healthy and beneficial relationships with individuals, organizations, governments and communities.

Our services cut across many sectors of the economy which is not limited to power, civil engineering, management, water, agriculture, transportation, ICT, housing, procurement and supply, urban development, general services.

We are ready to cooperate with individuals and organizations from all over the world in order to realize our vision. Our clientele includes Government, Private Sector, Banks and Financial Institutions, Retail and Wholesale Organizations, Social Organizations, Real Estate and Construction companies, Logistics and Distribution Companies.

To become one of the top leading and most trusted corporation in Africa.

  1. To provide high quality products and excellent services to new and existing clients and partners.
  2.  To increase our brand reach to the greater parts of Africa.
  3. To optimize service customization to meet customers’ demands
  4. To lead the organisation with our core values.
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Profitability
  • Corporate & Individual Growth

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We are committed to an uncompromising quality control through a comprehensive professional Quality Assurance system. In rendering our services and executing projects for and to our clients, we make it a must to supervise every stage to ensure strict compliance to our quality policies.

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