About the Company

We are committed to innovative advancements that improves upon living

Who We Are?

Founded in 2015, we Agiking Industries Limited are comprised of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals with a common goal of making living easier.

We are a company incorporated at the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with registration number RC1260040. Our directors, through their technological foresight and vision; realize the Company’s vast potential market and opportunity for growth given implementation of the appropriate strategies, aided by the necessary finances.

With the visionary intent to ” To build an institution that will be timeless in its devotion to world growth”, We, from our humble beginning proceeded unto the development of our own brand portfolio and sales of other consumable product in Nigeria.

We are an environmental friendly organization with strong relationships with leading corporations and expatriates around, putting us at the frontier of technological advancement and human development.

Our Mission

  1. Our Company’s mission is to spot developing niche markets and take advantage of these opportunities by working closely with our suppliers and our customers;
  2. We strive to provide an excellent marketing service that is supported by an experienced sales team;
  3. Offering added value with high quality products, with mutual satisfaction of manufacturers and consumers;
  4. Ensuring long term satisfaction of our clients through the quality of our products;
  5. Conscious and responsible solving of all tasks, recognizing priorities and encouraging useful changes;
  6. Promoting awareness about values of quality products;
  7. Upgrading and improving production process through the implementation of new technologies with the goal of environmental protection;
  8. Achieving desired business results with increasing the value of invested capital.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Responsibility
  2. Customer
  3. Focus
  4. Excellence
  5. Innovation
  6. Respect for People
  7. Ethical Corporate Citizenship Efficiency

  1. Through investments in our own potentials, additionally strengthen the company and position ourselves as a synonym for quality, trust and strength on the production and distribution market;
  2.  Position ourselves on the Nigerian as a reliable and safe partner in the production and distribution of products and services, with expanding cooperation on the international market;
  3. Further develop partnerships with our customers by providing ultimate satisfaction through responses to their demands;
  4.  Efficient and environmentally acceptable use of material resources, development of quality and environmental management system and continuous monitoring of our suppliers;
  5. Yearly 30% increase of our total sales

We at Agiking Industries Limited are committed to providing premium quality goods and services to our customers nationwide. Keeping creativity in mind, aggressiveness in business and active team participation in all our business activities, we strive to provide zero defect products to our customers by;

  • Effective implementation of QMS.
  • Continual improvement in our personnel, products, processes, equipment and systems.

  1. Maintain improving trends of customer satisfaction.
  2. Continual improvement of quality control and quality assurance system.
  3. Continual improvement in ‘on-time delivery’ of products, as per customer requirements
  4. Get penetration in new segments.
  5. To provide our customers with innovative new products and services.

Service Pledge

“Satisfaction for all.”